Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Support Adam Brickley's Efforts

Wednesday, September 24th
Adam Brickley, founder and blogger for "Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President", turned 22 yesterday, September 23rd. To celebrate and honor him, his family and admin staff have set up a PayPal account to help offset past expenses incured with running the blog and leading the charge to put Sarah Palin on the 2008 Republican ticket... And to give him some help with his past, present, and future. With the success of the blog have come many opportunities to advertise, however to preserve the integrity of the blog, Adam has turned them down.

Many have asked how much is costs to run a blog. The better question is what are the costs associated with organizing a grass roots movement supporting a candidate for national office! As this site became more and more successul, we've added advance Stat Counters to track the traffic ($20/mo). With the nomination on Aug 29, cell phone useage greatly exceeded his plans coverage as most of his interviews were via cell phone. Travel expenses associated with attending the RNC in MN in Sept. Lost wages from his internship at Townhall for interviews during the initial week of the announcement and traveling to NY for Colbert. Even as of 10/01/08, Adam is still doing inteviews and before and after office hours, sometime during his lunch hour. Not to mention continued research.

Adam also lost wages through summer following his graduation as he/his family chose to work 8-10 hrs/day researching, blogging, interviewing, and promoting Sarah Palin as a viable option for VP.

There are many other costs associated with Adam not only blogging, but being an unofficial spokesperson for Gov. Palin and every blogger out there who's trying to make a difference in this world. All were asking is to give back to Adam what he has unselfishly given to change the politics of America.

Please note that personal gifts to Adam are not a contribution to any campaign or corporation and are not tax deductible. To donate to Draft Palin for VP, Click the big yellow "Donate" button to the right!

If you have any questions, please email palinforvp@gmail.com and we will be happy to answer them. Thanks in advance to everyone & Happy Birthday Adam!

Palin for VP Staff & Brickley Family